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News: Super Robot Wars Z 2 Saisei-hen Tops Japanese Charts

Posted on : 16-04-2012 | By : | In : News

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The recently released Super Robot Wars Z 2 Saisei-hen has managed to top the Japanese charts quite nicely, to the tune of 265,439 sales. If you’re wondering why we didn’t report this sooner and why the site has been a bit quiet as of late, that’s purely down to the fact that we’ve been playing the game pretty solidly since we got it last week. Thus far it’s sublimely brilliant and we will be doing a review once we’ve completed at least one playthrough.


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I’m on mission 15 or so. Everything is great, but I’m reminded once again of how AMAZINGLY EASY these games are. I don’t even bother deploying 1/3 of my allotted units most of the time since it will just be me moving them around and never using them since they aren’t needed.

You’re still pretty early on and it does get more challenging. That said, I don’t believe in the corollary that easy games are necessarily bad.

I agree. I don’t need Ring of Red or anything. I just want there to be at least a %10 chance that maybe one of my units might actually get shot down. SRW has become easier than Sakura Wars.

Hehe, Ring of Red, I used gameshark codes and I still found the game difficulty long.

I feel Ring of Red hit its big difficulty spike near the middle. The stages after Wei gets his upgraded mech were pretty easy comparatively.

That aside, the later parts of Z2 Saisei-hen look at least long and involved, if not specifically difficult, with the last stage letting you use a good portion of your massive cast of heroes, so, I look forward to that at least. Probably won’t get the game for a while though.

I never really had any problem with difficulty in Ring of Red. It really the fact that it takes FOREVER to complete a single mission.

Mind you, I still haven’t finished the game yet. (however, I am a lot further after Wei got his upgrade.)

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