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News: Layzner BluRay Boxset Announced

Posted on : 25-06-2013 | By : | In : News

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Bandai have done the decent thing and announced a BluRay boxset for Blue Comet SPT Layzner. This will include the TV series and OVA as well as a variety of other trinkets (such as a 32 page booklet). However, all this will come at a price as the boxset will cost pretty close to 50,000 yen when it is released September 18th in Japan. Unlike the recent Macross Plus BluRay Boxset, this release of Layzner sadly won’t come with English subtitles. This begs the question on whether any Western distributor will do the right thing and pick this classic series up. As to why Layzner matters, well when it comes to gaming the series has been consistently and hugely influential. From Anubis to Armored Core For Answer to Omega Boost and even Bangai-O, Layzner’s functional parameters have inspired all manner of mecha games over the years. That aside the series is also thoroughly excellent in its own right and considering that the last release of Layzner (on DVD) was over 10 years ago now, this announcement is very welcome.


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Excellent news, it’s just a shame that Japanese Blu-ray (or any other medium in the past for that matter ) continue to command such a stupid-high price. I simply can’t justify spending 50K yen on a TV show.
I did order the Macross + Blu-ray Box , but that’s a timeless classic I’ve already watched many times, so that felt more right to me.

I love SPT Layzner. Love it enough that if I could afford this set, I’d seriously consider it. It was a real beauty of a show (even if the animation has only aged about as well as 80’s anime tends to), and still manages to have some of the most suspenseful moments I’ve experience in any work of fiction. A personal favorite are the episodes on the moon where the team is dealing with the Skullgunners. Absolute gold.

I would be willing the pay the exorbitant price if it had English subs.

Excellent news, and perhaps confirmation that the original masters were not lost forever as had been claimed.

This show was incredibly important to me from before I even knew what the heck it was, and all these years later, there is NO way I would miss this.

And Laura is right, the Skullgunner episodes are some the scariest moments I’ve ever seen in anime, and the victorious moment at the end when Layzner absolutely annihilates them with extreme prejudice is one of the biggest jump out of your chair and cheer moments ever. The show is nothing but goosebumps all the way through.

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