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News: Kawamori designs plane for Ace Combat Assault Horizon

Posted on : 20-06-2011 | By : | In : News

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Over at 4Gamer there’s a new piece on the forthcoming Ace Combat Assault Horizon. Curiously at the bottom of the page is a picture (shown above) of a DLC specific fighter tentatively dubbed the “F-X” that’s designed by none other than Shoji Kawamori. Whilst it very likely won’t transform, it’s cool to effectively see a VF-9 Cutlass grace a game like this. Admittedly the sound of the Optimum control setup makes us want to gouge our eyes out with a rusty spoon but it’s good to know that the proper “original” controls will also still be available to those that haven’t mated with their closest relatives. The game will be released this October but no word on when Kawamori’s plane will hit DLC.


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Which brings in the argument: why can’t we have fully transformable variable fighter prototypes in an Ace Combat game? Bandai-Namco could realize a realistic treatment of fighter-to-mecha transformation and all the real-world physics that go into it. They don’t necessarily have to be designed penned by Kawamori but designs inspired on the originals with that sleek look found only in Ace Combat. Take for example the alien looking planes from Electrosphere, give them a few tweaks and we’ll have the high-speed airborne equivalent of transformable metal gears. It wouldn’t be considered copying like Astro Plan but an inspired idea based on a quasi-realistic jet fighter type we all know as the VF.

Bandai Namco X Big West = ACE COMBAT VF


As for ^

To answer that goes to the humble square cube law.

though I would be A-OK with the jet being VTOL

Hasn’t the “optimum” mode been in Ace Combat but under another name?

I believe that it was called “NOVICE” in Ace Combat 2 from recollection.I think Bamco are trying not to offend newcomers weak egos by calling them novices.I hope the F-2 is in this too.

On Topic now: I KNEW IT! IT’S HIS
When I saw the blue print on a link from ACES WEB (The one with the “New” Nagase on it) that it was Kawamori’s design from the angle,the ‘sleekness’ and it’s familiarity with the fighter from Kiss Dum Engage Planet in it’s configuration.

Note to Bamco:Please go back to Strangereal and Remake Ace Combat 3 for the PS3 and don’t let Bamco America ruin it again.

LOL. But erh ace combats prototype planes are the best. they should make one

“Last, the Flight Assistances provides options to players such as Auto-leveling, Automatic Collision Prevention, Automatic Stall Prevention, Sight Assist, and Automatic Forward Target Selection. These options can be turned on or off.”


Here’s hoping for a return to Strangereal with the next game, and possibly an AC3 remake.

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