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News: Gundam licensed by Right Stuf

Posted on : 11-10-2014 | By : | In : News



In a surprising turn of events, it looks like Right Stuf have brokered a deal with Sunrise to bring Gundam to the West. The first series of which being Turn A Gundam, that already had its Western release cancelled a while back. All in all this is fantastic news, as it finally means that Gundam can be released commercially again in the West. Hopefully Right Stuf will handle the Gundam mythos better than those before it.


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I can’t believe it’s happening! The cancellation of Turn-A was the most devastating thing after 2 years of patiently waiting for it.

Words cannot describe how much I love Turn-A

Dude, seriously?


Turn-A Gundam is a gem that has never had a chance to show enough people it’s beauty!

Understood, but…was the pic REALLY necessary?

Just asking…

What’s so offensive about it? Maybe you should get off your high horse. It’s just about being excited about something. If you have a problem with it. It’s YOU. Not the picture. And not me.

I am as excited about this, as this guy is excited about watermelon.

I don’t know if you think this was supposed to be a racial slur or what. But you are over thinking this WAY too much.

Sorry, I don’t have a high horse–just a Shetland pony.

And the problem is that people WILL have a problem with it–not just me. Hell, you want to post it to represent your enthusiasm, fine. But you had better be prepared to endure the major s***storm that’s heading your way. And a LOT of people will see this as something racial. That’s just how it is.

My 2-cents, mind you.

What the hell, man?

I am sorry, I didn’t even think about this person being black or watermelons, I didn’t know it was a racial stereotype or whatever

Maybe you should read something besides Gundam manga.

dafuq is that supposed to mean?
I’ve never even read any Gundam manga.

It means your soul is being held down by Earth’s gravity, basically. POTENTIAL. POTENTIAL!!!


Damned fine news. RS has done a great job releasing GUNDAM UNICORN over here; glad to see that TURN A will finally hit stateside.

Glad Gundam is returning to the states but why TURN A? It’s the strangest of all the series.

Probably because they already have the script completed if they get the version Bandai Entertainment finished before the company went away. Basically, it’s a convenience thing. But hey, ZZ is coming to the states officially, too, so that’s something to look forward to. Oh, and Reconguista.

That makes perfect sense, my issue isn’t that TURN A is “bad” but that it doesn’t really feel like a standard Gundam series. I would hate for TURN A to get a massive push and then have people assume that it was representative of the UC material.

I still say GUNDAM WING was the absolute worst series to introduce Gundam to western audiences. Such a mess of stupidity and shoddy animation.

I sort of disagree with you on WING, Brandon. While I’m a UC man myself, I felt that WING was the best option in terms of bringing GUNDAM to Western audiences.

Let’s not forget that by the time WING premiered, you already had several UC shows/OAVs. Trying to put all of them on US TV would have confused a lot of viewers (trust me–I’ve had to explain the whole convoluted GUNDAM universes to those not familiar with the franchise). And also, the animation of the original series and ZETA did look dated by the 1990s–which is why I was glad they restored the animation in the later DVD releases in the US.

Ironically, Cartoon Network did air the original GUNDAM series, as well as the other UC OAVs (no ZETA or ZZ). And Sci-Fi aired both seasons of 00.

I don’t think anyone will confuse TURN A with UC material provided that Right Stuf explains the differences.

But you know what? I’m just happy that GUNDAM’s returning to the US. That trumps everything.

The problem with Wing is that, yes, its easier for Americans to get into but…are they really going to move from Wing fandom to Zeta? That’s like thinking that to introduce someone to rock and roll you have to show them One Direction before Iron Maiden.

The whole point of Wing, at the time, was that it drew different fans.


TurnA deserves it! Is amazing!

Doth mine eyes fool me? Tis truly true? I so, so hope so! Turn A is my favorite series. I really want some quality DVDs!

Fantastic. Love Turn A. Here’s hoping they do a BD release at a decent price.

And that they do Victory next.

Since RS has been selling the “US version” of Gundam Wing for some time now, this isn’t surprising to me. I kinda assumed this was going to happen.

I’m very glad for this. I own most of the older Gundam series on laserdisc, but I buy the DVDs/BRs when they come out so I can loan them to people or take easy screen shots.

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