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News: Gundam Battle Operation Update

Posted on : 21-03-2012 | By : | In : News



Following on from the recent promo, Gundam Battle Operation has received a nice new update article over at 4Gamer. The piece has all manner of new screenshots and goes into some detail about the game’s system. Notable are the mentions regarding the grappling setup, which seems to be a context sensitive menu (ugh) and the fact that mobile suits will be customisable. You’ll also be able to colour your character too. The article also confirms that infantry will be able to repair mobile suits in the field as well as hitch a ride. Once the beta for this is out we’ll be posting our impressions.


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Gunning people down while standing atop a mobile suit sounds fantastic. Unless it does a side roll.

Please please please, what are the chances I’ll be able to play this in the US!?


Just get a JP account on PSN, seriously do people ever actually read the articles?

I’m actually right about to buy a PS3. How do I get a Japanese PSN account, and is it a sort of “one or the other” thing for my US account?

Its a hard to explain process.A trip to google will help.

No unlike the new Vita , the PS3 can use multiple accounts , so it’s possible to have a main US account and a sub Japan account . The thing you need to set up is a different email than your US account uses , go on Youtube for a video on setting up a Japan PS3 account . Take notes on what your user info you put up, in case you have to recover it in the future.

This reminds me of WarHawk…a lot, might be fun.

I’ve signed up for this , (I think) and something downloaded on my japan account but no icons or sign of a game install , so im guessing this is time activated for the beta .

That means you have been entered into the raffle.

Just two more days.
Let’s hope at least ONE of us gets in there.

So were any of you able to get into the closed beta?

Surprisingly, I received one of the beta codes and it really reminded me of rise from the ashes. Provided one could procure a good team, the experience was reasonably fun until everyone started unlocking Goufs. After that none of the GM teams I was on could cope and our downfall was swift and devastating.

The melee combat is a bit strange and there is still a bit of balancing to work out, but it is certainly not bad for free. Hopefully, a few more English speakers can comment on their experience as well and maybe I’ll see you lot on the battlefield.

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