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News: Border Break is a success!

Posted on : 05-02-2010 | By : | In : News



In the recently released Sega Sammy Holdings fiscal reports Border Break seems to have made quite an impact. Now, we rather loved the arcade game in our review but it’s interesting to see that the game’s financial model hasn’t put punters off (something that we thought might be an issue). Instead it seems that the Japanese public have taken to Border Break very readily, to the extent that it’s topped the number of units sold. In any case, the fact that the has done so well only begs the inevitable question; when will a console port rear its multi-jointed mechanical head?

Thanks to Chazumaru for the heads up.


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I’ll give this is a spin while I’m on vacation in Japan this April, but a home port would be great.

This is great news. Sadly, while I won’t be going to Japan any time soon, it is very good to hear about BB’s success (and it’s an arcade game too!). A home port would be nice, maybe even inevitable.

As for the possibility of a US release…well, who knows? CAPCOM VS. TATSUNOKO was released in the US. So anything is possible…

But I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on BB’s model kits, though…

While good to hear it did alright I was a little disappointed to see it only do marginally better than the vomitous pile of trash pretending to be Shining Force

Home Ports and SEGA do not go well together, and western releases hmm.

Would love to be wrong but I wouldnt get my hopes up, looks like a game that really depends on vs play, so you could import it but not really get the full potential out of it.

I know I’m late to this party, but been trying to get Border Break to come over to the states. SEGA is in real financial trouble. They could let themselves be a real global giant again, but to do such they need to bring out something that isn’t a watered down Sonic tittle or more re hash tittles. I don’t mind another Virtua Fighter, or another option to see the old Jet Set Radio, but seriously.

Border Break is new blood. Much needed new blood, and if they do the net coding right, and looks like they have, this could be the game that brings them to a point of being taken seriously world round again.

Help me by flustering them with endless demands for the game. On their youtube channel, other youtube channels containing the content, Sega relative channels like Sega and BB.TV, and anywhere you can find people with interest in the game. I’m trying for yet another push and could use your help.

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