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News: Armored Core V to have dedicated servers

Posted on : 23-04-2011 | By : | In : News

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In a comment over on the official Facebook page for Armored Core V, From Software have confirmed that the game will indeed use dedicated servers (on account of their new partnership with Namco Bandai). Naturally, for a game to boast such a thorough online setup it makes sense for the investment of a dedicated server setup. Hopefully the servers won’t get arbitrarily shut down like they did on Chrome Hounds though. There’s also another interview up on Dengeki Online talking more about the story missions (amongst other things). With each new update, it seems that Armored Core V could shape up to be something truly special.


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Just can’t wait for this game.

Dedicated servers… So that means that there is a chance Xbox players and PS3 players can fight in the same war? (hope it does)

It doesn’t.

Man, don’t break my dreams like that. Now you’re going to tell me that santa isn’t real 🙁

Well… none of us wanted to break it to you… but now that you mention it…

You really want Santa to come from his base on the dark side of the moon with his raindear mecha to “officially” put you on his naughty list?

I have to say I like were his head is at though. The game would be that much more, successful. If they had both user bases going at, it would provide for larger regular conflicts and the persistent part would matter more and be in constant jeapordy more oftern. It’s all about the numbers and if they had more people on at the same time the game would accomplish more of it’s goal.

However, Greg is right. Never going to happen.

I wish we could get those dengeki interviews translated :/. Its hard to understand what theyre getting at with the default google chrome translation syntax XD.

I said this would be the case after Demon’s Souls came out.

While every news story makes me more and more excited for the game, I am a little worried about dedicated servers. Theres always the chance they will pull the plug if its not popular enough – and lets face it – In the UK at least – AC fans aren’t exactly huge in number.

Obviously theres the whole Chrome hounds thing as mentioned in the article, but as a PS3 I know of it happen with at least 1 other games as well (I have the US version of Demons’ Souls and the servers for that are being turned off sometime in the next year).

Don’t get me wrong though, I still think this is a brilliant direction for AC to take gameplay wise and I still cant wait to play it. I’ve just got that niggling worry in the back of my head now…

Chromehounds was never super popular anywhere. A lot of us loved it but it wasn’t a smash hit for FROM and the servers were up for 4 years. That’s a lot of play time. What they need is a model that supports both peer to peer and dedicated.

FROM is already planning on releasing the spiritual successor/indirect sequel to Demon’s Souls this year anyway titled Dark Souls. As far as the current details go the online will retain it’s previous features with, I hope, improvements and some new features.

Each new story just makes this better and better. Now easily my most anticipated game of this year or next (whichever the case is), especially after Portal 2 has been released (great game, but no longer qualified for most anticipated). Dedicated servers is a very nice improvement. I’ve been rather perturbed by the very strong trend toward exclusively P2P online games, due to the wild success of the quickly plateauing Call of Duty games.

ACV Demonstration is back on.It happening on 5/13 during Midnight Live 360.

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