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News: Zone of the Enders Sequel Canned

Posted on : 03-05-2013 | By : | In : News

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Not for the first time, but the recently announced Zone of the Enders sequel has been put on hold. The difference here is that this game was publicly announced compared to the previous attempts at a sequel. What’s also interesting about this announcement is that the HD version (which we reviewed) was also brought up. With Hideo Kojima himself apologising pretty profusely to (Japanese) fans at the sub-standard quality of the port. As such it’s been indicated that Konami themselves have taken matters into their own hands and an internally produced patch for the PS3 version, though no news on anything for the 360 release sadly (though this is likely due to the fact that the PS3 version was the best selling one in Japan, so it takes priority). In some sense it seems that the poor sales performance of the HD release is likely one of the causes of the sequel being put on hold.


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That’s a real shame. I just got into ZOE 1 for PS2.

Such a sad day.

There’s also the minor fact that it costs over 40,000USD in fees to Microsoft to deploy a patch on the 360.

Gotta love Microshaft for that one, aye?

Not quite true. They let you have the first patch for free, and every patch after that is $40K. Unfortunately, they already made a minor patch that didn’t fix anything.

It’s still bullshit, every other platform has free or affordable patching. That’s just Microsoft being a money grubbing corporation.

What does that have to do with anything?

MGSV must be taking quite a bit of resources.

Meh. I blame the direction that graphic engines have taken this generation. They favor first and third person views in physic based real-time environments.

Good news for the patch (at least for PS3 users). A smooth running game is the least you can expect when you buy a port of a previous gen game.
Konami made a greedy mistake by releasing a rushed product ported by a bad studio, it’s only fair that now they correct it themselves.
At least, I won’t have bought my copy for nothing ; so far I’ve only played five minutes of ZOE 1 before spitefully letting it gather dust on my shelf. The game, and the players, deserve more respect.

Of what ?

kojima seems be the type of boss that hires unqualified workers so he can avoid usurption or inner squabble like some other japanese game companies these days

cause thats 2 games now….maybe platinum can pick it up

The people on ZOE3 were all top notch vets, but it got canned because all the trans-media (toys/kits) and HD remixes sold very little to justify it.

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