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News: E.X. Troopers Not To Receive Western Release

Posted on : 11-09-2012 | By : | In : News

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If you were wondering why the Western PR for E.X. Troopers hadn’t kicked off yet, well that’s because Capcom aren’t planning on release the game outside of Japan. So whilst we will be getting the decidedly meh Lost Planet 3, the only way gamers will be able to play E.X. Troopers is by importing it. This is something we will be doing at the end of November. If you plan on doing likewise, then you can buy the game here. Regardless, this news is just wholly depressing and reinforces our opinion that publishers are gutless bell ends.


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Rage. Fistful of Rage.

Not surprised. If Lost planet 2 did not meet their expectations in sales then they must assume that this one definitely wont.

Um…Lost planet 3 says hi?

They’re making two LP games. One for eastern markets, one for the west.

Maybe they’ll put it out 6-12 months later. So as not to confuse LP3’s sales.

You know, because westerners are dumb…

No huge loss. It’s just another tepid Monster Hunter clone that’s worthless if you don’t have friends. The apparent lack of dual analog aiming (you’re always locked onto something like in the Artdink PSP Gundam/Macross games) is pretty astounding.

I dont even buy Capcom games anymore. They dont deserve my money.

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