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Toys: Naked Jehuty Revoltech Previewed

Posted on : 16-09-2012 | By : | In : Toys/Kits, Videos

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Shown on Hideo Kojima’s Twitter account (as well as on Konami’s own Tumblr), we now have the inevitable Revoltech of Naked Jehuty. This being the final form of the orbital frame as seen at the end of Anubis (as shown below). This particular toy is a prototype that will be shown at the forthcoming Tokyo Game Show, so no news yet on a release date or price. As with all the Revoltech Jehuty toys, this is the one we’ve been waiting for and the sculpt and paint job look excellent.


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Jesus Christ, this is what, their 4th Jehuty figure? I like Jehuty as much as the next guy but come on. How about some IDOLO, or Isis, or Nieth?

I would LOVE to see a Idolo figure

Whail I love my revoltech jehuty and Damn do i. I always wonder why play arts kai is making metal gear figures but not Zoe figures, and whal I will agree this mold looks great I think the mantle should be handed. to play arts altho it may be that I want this BC there figures are bigger and I have pretty big hands.

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