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News: Hawken is coming to Xbox One

Posted on : 11-05-2016 | By : | In : News

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Remember Hawken? The game that promised so much, only to dash all of that against the jagged rocks of an abysmally implemented free-to-play business model. Well, Hawken still survives and while the companies behind the scenes have shifted around somewhat the game still limps on. However, the good news here is that finally Hawken is coming to console. As a Taiwanese rating entry lists the game as coming to Xbox One courtesy of 505 Games. Bear in mind though, Hawken was originally meant as a console game so it seems that it is finally coming home.

We always loved the Kow Yokoyama infused mecha designs, despite the fact the creative team behind it said that they weren’t mecha at all. Fun times. The game was good too and had a great arcade sensibility to it, it’s just a pity that the approach to monetization was completely awful. These days you can still play the game on PC but it will be interesting to see how Hawken will do once it finally reaches console.


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This is good news! A well-deserved second chance, I feel. Hawken had a lot of heart, even if I wasn’t crazy about it (the movement lacked… gravity and weightiness, and the weapons were somewhat samey), hopefully they can expand the gameplay as well as giving us some real lore (I like context for my mech fights, thank you). Also, more variety in maps, but it’s not the only online game with that issue.

So yeah, fairly flawed but with potential. Which is more than I can say for Titanfall, which got old fast and was actively harmed by having mecha (!!!). More like TitanFAIL, amirite?

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