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News: Armored Core 5 officially delayed until next year

Posted on : 05-11-2010 | By : | In : News

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The much anticipated Armored Core 5 has been officially delayed until next year. This is something that was intimated at this year’s TGS by the fact the game was noticeably absent. Ultimately this is good news though as the last thing a fresh reboot of the series needs is to be rushed to release. That said, From Software have started the early aspects of their marketing push by firing up their fan supporter setup, so expect more news on the game in the coming weeks.


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This is my most anticipated game by far. Seeing that it’s receiving a longer development cycle only re-enforces that anticipation.

If they can make it as fun as Metal Wolf Chaos they can take as much time as they want.

Funny you mention MWC, I heard somewhere that some of the peeps who worked on that game are involved in AC5. AM EXCITE!

Yeah, it was us as we found that out that back in March:

Yup,you can see their influence in the chainsaw.Can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

disappointed, they didnt even show anything in TGS. if it’s early 2010 i expect it to drag till late March 11

I’m cool with this. Armored Core is quite a long running series so, there’s no reason to rush and risk series fatigue, which is something From has done a decent job of combating by varying the underlying mechanics (both combat side and design side) through the different arcs of the series.

My PS3 also gave me an irreparable yellow light of death, so this means I don’t have to rush out and buy a new one right now so I can catch this at release.

Ha my PS3 died ages ago too, havent be bothered to get another one since, quite happy with my laptop, PS2 and DS.

All be it when AC5 and Gundam Extreme drop I might well have to pick one up again.

Well, at least they gave us some news about the game :p
Now seriously, I really hope this delay is for better.

An “update hiatus” is broken by an announcement of an official update hiatus. Typical From IMO. I have my faith that this delay will be for the better though. Surely From wouldnt repeat the AC4 “rush to PS3 launch” debacle would they? *cough cough*.

I can wait. FROM is usually far above average in their game design and the Mech stuff they do is ridiculous to say the least (for the most part). All they need to do is announce original Steel Battalion controller backwards compatibility for the KINECT version of SB they they’re doing and I could die happy!

I dont think SB on the Kinect is going to be any good, while MS have done a great job in marketing the Kinect, it doesnt actually work like it should, from reviews Ive read on it, it has issues, and if it has issues then its games will.

SB 2 will be some kind of on rails shooter, a deep interface just wouldnt work on Kinect.

In a way you still need to go out buy an expensive controller to play SB 2, and by that I mean buying Kinect 😀

Lets just hope MS dont throw crazy money at FROM to make AC5 a Kinect exclusive.

Rumors are going around that SB 2 will be a “hybrid” (i.e. Kinect+gamepad) Kinect core-game.

I get your points and they’re very valid. I was speaking more to my desire for a real Steel Battalion game. I trust FROM to do a good job on a Mech game they rarely let me down. My main point was I DON’T want to use KINECT to play the next SB game, I want to use my OLD SB controller. I was really just lamenting the fact that the next SB is a KINECT game of any type.


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