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Videos: The Lord of Elemental Trailer

Posted on : 12-03-2010 | By : | In : Videos



The upcoming DS remake of the Super Famicom game (screenshot above), The Lord of Elemental, received its first trailer. It’s clear that this is not just a straight port either, as it’s very obviously been given a graphical facelift to bring it into line with the last few DS SRW games. Famitsu also has some nice coverage of the game as well.

It’s worth also mentioning that the original game was thematically quite similar to Aura Battler Dunbine, with the ethereal Cybuster bearing an uncanny resemblance to Sirbine – an aura battler from one of the Dunbine OVAs. Even the original box art to Lord of the Elemental looked much like one of Yuji Kaida’s model kit box covers. The in-game footage below does look promising though and it’s nice to know another decent SRW game is on the way to the DS, as Gakuen was rather disappointing and Frontier Exceed was just a pointless moegasm.


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Dang, that’s looking good. If it does get a US release I think it could be really popular.

My friends who won’t play Japanese language strategy games really want to play SRW, but the translated OG ones are just crap. This might be the in-between they are willing to deal with.

Unless your friends have huge hard-ons for Dunbine, Rayearth and Escaflowne, I don’t see how they’d like this game better than the other two.

The problem with OG is that virtually every character is terrible, and their dialogue is just…insufferable. The mecha designs range from medicore to bad with few exceptions, and as far as I can tell the series was designed more for ota who want to look up skirts rather than thruster nozzles. It does almost nothing for gaijin who have been waiting forever to play SRW in English.

This game, on the other hand, predates virtually every post-OVA-crash anime cliche that is the foundation for OG. There is only one underages girl in it (IIRC) and she isn’t wearing some bullshit moe thong/skort/suspenders thing. It still won’t satisfy people who want Mazinger, but it does look like a cool game on its own, which the OG games aren’t.

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