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Videos: New Gundam Unicorn promo

Posted on : 24-09-2010 | By : | In : Videos

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The next episode in the anime adaptation of Harutoshi Fukui’s Gundam Unicorn novels is still set for release at the end of October. To commemorate the upcoming release of the “Red Comet” a new promo video has been going the rounds. Despite showing off the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam and MSN-06S Sinanju in more luscious detail, it’s really quite something to hear Shūichi Ikeda’s voice again. Now only if the episode could get here three times as fast…


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Comments (5)

Geat! Finally it’s comming. I think only two episodes by year is very little for this.
Do you know if this will continue like this (I mean, the number of episodes by year), or will be more regular?

Thanks for the news.

I think a longform release schedule would be a nice change of pace for a franchise that sees a lot of franchise bursts.

Very nice.

I confess to not having seen (yet) Episode 1 in its entirety, but just seeing these clips and previews has whetted my appetite. While I have no personal grievance towards the Gundam shows set in alternate timelines, I’m a UC fan first and foremost, and it’s always nice to take a trip back into that universe.

Ah, may be my PC is slow, something doesn’t look right how those mechas move.

Oh dang!

Having lived through the anticipatory hell that was Giant Robo: The Animation (barely more than one episode a year) I know that sometimes it takes a while for something great to be finished. Realistically, there is no way this show will be as good as Robo was, but two good episodes of Unicorn are infinitely better than 49 episodes of unwatchabley boring 00 or Seed in the same time frame.

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