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Videos: Hawken story trailer

Posted on : 29-08-2011 | By : | In : Videos



What with the indie mecha game Hawken getting its film rights optioned, it seems that the multiplayer only game will also have something in the way of a story. The trailer below sets up the premise that the full on mecha combat is the result of an over industrialised colony world pushed to the brink of environmental collapse. All we do know is that it’s still preposterously pretty and that we are very curious to see how it actually plays. Eye candy is one thing but there’s a suspicious lack of hands on previews, considering that the game was announced a while ago now. We’re still cautiously optimistic though and at the very least it will look gorgeous.


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Can someone explain to me what’s so exiting about this game? The mechs hardly look inspired. Gameplay too for that matter.

We’ve already seen every possible mecha design there could be, what exactly would you consider inspired (working within the constraints of a semi-realistic setting)?

Admittedly, the mostly puke green and faecal brown colour scheme is a downer, but the architectural chaos is very nice.

The market isn’t exactly overflowing with decently executed mecha games, so let’s not get picky.

Its exactly because there hasn’t been an overflow of mech games that I am being picky. I can’t help seeing this game as yet another FPS only its using robot instead of human skins.

What I’d like to see is something that tries to build on Zone of Enders or the old style Front Mission. A 2D side scroller like Gun Hazard or something like Solatorobo mixed with Red Dead Redemption.

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