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Videos: Gunpla Builders Promo

Posted on : 16-07-2010 | By : | In : Videos

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We’ve been keeping an eye on the upcoming anime TV series Mokei Senshi Gunpla Builders Beginning G for a while now. Meant to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Gunpla, it features a model kit building protagonist flanked by his tubby hamburger eating friend (which is quite realistic) and his female love interest (obviously not very realistic). What’s interesting is that despite the vast amount of product placement at work here, the characters seem to play out their Gunpla differences via matches in Senjou no Kizuna. With the main villain piloting a custom coloured Hi-Nu Gundam it will be interesting to see how this series is received by the Japanese public. At the very least the series will highlight the broader pop-cultural context Gundam has created over the years and that gaming is still the means by which people can actually pilot a mobile suit.


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It looks interesting…almost gives off a GENKISHEN vibe. Still, it’s only the trailer, so we’ll still have to see how the series plays out….

Some years ago, I had read that there were enough Gundam model kits for every man, woman and child in Japan. That’s huge!

Now excuse me while I work on some Gunpla kits of my own….

Main mecha looks awfully like V2…

The model kits being announced at the end of the video,id like to know more about those….i think i saw some wierd zaku variant in there and a black and white Hi nu gundam no?

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