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Videos: Gundam Battle Operation Mobile Suit Trailer

Posted on : 08-06-2012 | By : | In : Videos



Now with the release date widely known, we’ve now also been treated to a new trailer for Gundam Battle Operation. Specifically focusing on the mobile suits this time, the trailer shows a lot more of the grapple based melee attacks and whilst they look cool we feel that moving the camera out like that tends to fuck things up. Especially as to get that nice camera angle you often have to lock player control out elsewhere (so they can’t move out of shot) and this normally results in a long and very fixed animation sequence. The latter is the death of any decent melee combat, which is a shame as the rest of the trailer looks pretty fluid. Anyway, see what you think of it below.


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I think it would be pretty awesome to have a customized GunCannon out there…I’d try to paint mine black or at blue.

I think melee looks pretty alright, close enough to Senki to seem semi-realistic but far away enough to be its own thing. Plus those wrestling moves look sweet.

That’s the point really; they look cool but that normally means it plays very badly (as it is hugely restrictive).

It looks great, and it seems that the animated take-downs are a recurring trend in modern gaming so I can’t really complain…they don’t seem to take that long, and I’m sure a part of being a skilled player is knowing when there’s a time and a place for that kind of kill…if you’re at the front, squad vs squad, it’d be poor timing to do a lengthy kill among populated chaos. I’m still pumped for this title, and I hope it’s not too difficult for me to play it in Texas.

So what is an American going to have to do to play this game? I’ve never gotten anything from Japanese PSN before.

Well, Youtube has plenty of tutorials on how to make a Japanese PSN account (it’s pretty easy), and beyond that, I’m as curious as you to see what it takes to get in on this free game.

And then a modder arrives with an unicorn gundam taking the $h:t out of every player. Would love to see that happening.

lol or a Mobile Armor like Zeong or the Apsalus

So the 28th June is a Thursday . That in itself is bizarre as Japan PSN usually drops new content on Wednesdays , this might be due to the time diffrence of the hemispheres , and the 28th of June will be the 27 th in North America .

The game will take a wireless connection over 3 hours to download , so be ready for that.

Not really, most games get released on a Thursday in Japan.

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