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Videos: Gundam Battle Operation Game Promo

Posted on : 26-06-2012 | By : | In : Videos



This seems to be the final promo video before the release of Gundam Battle Operation this Thursday. As you’d expect, at over 5 minutes long, it doesn’t hold much back and shows a lot of the game in action. Despite the somewhat unfortunate monteisation structure, the sheer scope of this game is pretty ambitious. We’ll be posting our impressions not long after the game’s release.


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Please, please, please let us know if it has an option for English language….I’m pumped for this game, but I can’t read Japanese.



Damn jingoists. I’m STILL going to try and play this game, but I’ll have no idea what the hell is going on.

How hard can it possibly be? There are only so many buttons on a PS3 controller and the goal is to kill things…come on.

The main challenge for me will be to get the thing running at all. I’m not worried about trying to figure out how to play a Gundam game when I already own dozens of the things.

Running the thing probably won’t be hard either? Get a Japanese account and download the damn game.

Most things will hopefully be in katakana, you can do it, I believe in both of you (for the most part).

The thing that’s really going to concern me is the upgrade factor. It’ll be just a sort of guessing games on the specifics unless it’s a red number vs blue number like Armored Core.

Screw it. I’m givin’ it a shot. I hope I can at least make my name an english “Phobotech” 😀

I’ve stumbled my way through numerous SRW and G Generation games across numerous platforms, and I’ve done just fine in all the action games I’ve played from Japan. I can’t imagine having any issues with this one, gameplay wise. Figuring out how the freemium credit system works, I might need more help with.

anybody with an open mind enough to like Gundam and other animes should not be hedging on playing a full japanese game , it’s not like you cant trial and error your way into figuring out the game . I do , and as long as you dont accidently buy something with a japan PSN card (if you had one) there really isnt much wrong that will happen. Worst case you get cut from servers for having a high ping . In which case just wait for a better room , or uninstall the game client knowing you tried to play.

The game looks really nice, but only 12 players max? That means probably 3 MS per team? I would have preferred less graphical display and a 24 player game. Still this is “free”, and I will be more than happy to play it.

Uhm… it’s 6v6. The game is out for download now. That means that you can have up to 6 mobile suits per side.

I just finished playing a match. Setting up mobile suits is pretty simular to 0081 Gundam Senki on the PS3. With slots for upgrades, and you can chose what to equip on weapon/melee weapon/shield slot . There ‘s also a special slot for a medal, i had 1 at start, and it gave MS 10% HP . so I’m guessing if you rank up you can get more MS perks ?

Anyway. THE biggest thing you will notice head first, is the physics. Everything feels incredibly weigthy.
You really have to think about your boost movement. The faster you go, the harder it is to stop and/or turn direction.

Killing infantry can be done by stepping over them.
But it doesn’t seem too accurate (or maybe it is very accurate that i just miss em ? ) so I found just jiggling the controller and doing a little grindy dance over one does the trick.

Controls are easy to learn, but movement will take a bit of time to master. on a GM, booster movement is incredibly limited, you run out of booster energy insanely quick. So it’s mainly used as a dodge instead of a means of getting somewhere faster.

Using your booster to jump up to things, requires a slight charge up time as the GM channels its energy to lift off. So it’s not quite as action-y in the movement department as any other gundam game recently. But it does feel ” proper ” for 0079 🙂

I bet when i finally get a Gundam i`ll fly around like crazy.

Got in my 3 games for the day, I suppose.
The thing I noticed most is that your default 100mm MG or 120mm Zaku MG really takes a while to kill anything. With the early suits especially, it seems that teamwork is how you win the day. Teamwork and patience. Oh, and rushing the enemy base works well too.

Best thing I was able to do today was hijack a Zaku left by some enemy soldier. Proceeded to get two MS kills and apparently a third due to the Zaku itself getting destroyed, or something. I think there’s a bug in that somewhere. I highly recommend Gundamjacking as a potential viable strategy in the future.

Grand theft MS? nice strategy and there is no way they can tell an enemy has the MS. My issue is Friendly Fire on? most of my team acts like it’s not when they rush ahead into my rifle blasts , I have seen evidence that friendly damage is on, as I have had teammates melee my suit and cause me to fall over. The other thing I cant figure out is how to activate a new suit from the menu in the game lobby ?

I got my federation suit to change out but not recalling how I did it. Im stuck in a Zaku II .

An MS explosion is also damaging, so if somebody with low health was near your zaku that might explain you getting a kill. Doesn’t necessarily have to be somebody in an MS The pilots on the hoverbikes are hard to see.

Hoverbikes are a viable strategy not to go for a mobile suit if your team is dead locked for the control points, and try to zip by unnoticed.

It’s also quite fun to beat down an enemy MS into the ground with the takedown and then gunning him point blank range with a buddy wihen he tries to get up 🙂

So no one minds the energy limit?

Mind it? yeah I hate it, but what would you have me do boycot the game because they have a limit?

It’s a free to play game … they have to make their money somewhere. In this case, buying energy gets you more playtime. Treat it like an arcade game I guess.

I mind it, but luckily I’ve been having good enough teams that it doesn’t matter. I level up and get a bunch of free energy, I got to play like 10 matches in a row before actually having to wait out the limit.

THe game itself, I find pretty fun. It’s a bit like 0081, but slower, but… Iono. I prefer it slower. 0081 at first felt slow but more and more it felt like a normal fast paced game as I went on, which isn’t a HORRIBLE thing but for some reason I like the slower paced gameplay.


Here’s a Day 2 video I made for the Zaku fans , Sieg Zeon !

I can’t seem to find the menu where it allows me to paint my mobile suit and normal suit :/

It’s unlockeda t your second rank up at level 20

Thanks! I just made level 9, so this is good news to me

5.5/10 at most for me. Clunky and sluggish in a bad way. Takes over 2 hours to get those 3 matches in. Crap frame rate too.

There’s much much more I could say, but I digress.

I’m confused, but am I the only American not experiencing lag or frame rate issues? O_o

The mobile suits seem to be a bit slow but I’m glad they aren’t zipping around everywhere. Besides that though, I seem to be playing just fine. All I do is create my own rooms, and they take about 5 minutes at MOST to fill up. I’m already level 15 and… I’ve played a lot, and besides the occasional lag when I sometimes join someone’s room, when I host mine it seems just fine.

@ Xenosynth, I have a Iogear wireless enhancer , it makes my japan gaming less laggy , so watch my videos , do you see framerate issues or lag like yours? FYI at level 20 Im told you get to paint the MS .

Nono xD I said I don’t have ANY lag. A lot of people were complaining about it everywhere for this game, so I was a bit confused because I seemed to be the only person with NO lag xD

I’m actually kinda having fun with this! I’m beasting with my GM Guncannon / Zaku II S, and I can’t wait to unlock better weapons, more mobile suits, and FINALLY getting to customize the paint schemes.

Tip: Don’t ever try to switch to your regular Western account (European in my case) and try to play the game. I wanted to try this to see if i could play with my regular account after D/L so that my friends list would be operational.

Yes it`ll work, yes you`ll get more deployment energy. BUT it will sort of de-synchronize what you’ve unlocked or progressing to unlock.
(No you cant get the MS upgrades tough)

Going back to my Japanese account i found all my upgrades and progress on suits missing ! and not returning. No Zaku FZ or GM sniper, no 380mm bazooka etc. no nothing 🙁
Even after 4-5 matches those entries still don’t return. But logging back in the western account their there and not vice versa.

Will delete the game and all other traces of it to see if that solves it

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