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Videos: Battle Robot Damashii Promo and Opening Movie

Posted on : 21-01-2013 | By : | In : Videos




In two new videos and an interview, all manner of new things have been revealed regarding the upcoming Battle Robot Damashii. The first point of note is that Artdink are handling the game’s development, this is a good thing and does sort of mark them as the go to mecha tie-in studio to go to after From Software dropped the ball with Another Century’s Episode R. The second point is that the game will feature Ideon as a playable unit. This is quite simply fucking mental. It’s also interesting to point out that whilst the name of the game cites the Robot Damashii toyline, the game will in fact feature other toylines too (as Ideon only has a Soul of Chogokin to speak of in modern toy terms). Finally, you’ll also see a familiar sight from Armored Core V in the videos below. This very much warmed our heart. There’s also a lot of Dunbine and L-Gaim love going on here as well, that’s something we’re obviously happy to see.


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Comments (11)

It’s time for L-Gaim.

Oh Artdink, you can do no wrong.

I don’t think it’s that. It took Bandai ages before they’d even consider using From Software for licensed stuff (at least 15 years after the first AC), so I think there’s more to it than Artdink can do no wrong. There’s a definite beef there between Bandai and From it seems.

Could be their scattershot quality and reliance on one (at the time) franchise for survival. I suppose it true what they say about dogs getting their day, no one gave two shits about them until Demon Souls and now they make front page news.Hell, that games only claim to fame is that it’s hard.

From didn’t really hit the mainstream big time until Dark Souls. Demon’s Souls’ Western success was hurt by its being a PS3 exclusive tied to a niche publisher (Atlus). Both games appeal to Western brodudes a lot more than mecha-based stuff.

Well, it’s not like it’s a BAD game by any means.

I also don’t think it’s right to blame From for ACE:R being shit. It was pretty clear that was the result of Banpresto’s meddling.

Dunbine? L-Gain? IDEON? holy shit!

Any idea how they’re going to stop Ideon from being completely overpowered? Will you only be able to use the Ideon Gun after taking a lot of damage, like in SRT?

I love that the PSP simply will not die.

lol Vita.

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