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Videos: Armored Core V Game Summary Breakdown

Posted on : 02-12-2011 | By : | In : Videos

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Following on from the team breakdown, there’s now a game summary (or “sammary”) video for Armored Core V over at From Software’s YouTube channel. This covers the campaign setup in some detail but, again, nothing that we don’t already know. There are two more breakdown moves planned by the end of December.


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My only issue with this game, the series in general, is that there’s no sense of weight. These hundred ton mechs only flit and dash about.

Really wish they had tried to put some Chrome Hounds in this.

Dude, the entire team based online mode thing is right out of Chrome Hounds. AC5 basically IS Armored Core + Chrome Hounds.

Still hoping for a Chrome Hounds 2 though one day. I loved the slow pace it had.

The Armored Core V link redirects to mechadamashii home page and the Youtube Channel link has appended in the beginning of the link.

Fixed, sorry about that.

Now there’s a weird wall of spam. Is it just me? Here’s the pic:

It’s just for this page.

Nevermind it’s gone now. So weird.

I feel like I want to buy viagra :S

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