Toys: Riobot Anubis Finally Announced


Now this is a toy that’s been a long time in coming. Previewed way back in 2011, it now looks like we’ll be finally getting a Riobot Anubis. Following on from Sentinel’s thoroughly excellent Riobot Jehuty it does however cost a bit more. Quite a lot more actually. Clocking in at around 22,000 yen, it will cost nearly double that of Jehuty. There is a good reason for this price hike though, compared to Jehuty this figure is clearly massive and a lot more complex. Still, that’s a lot of money for a range of toys that doesn’t tend to have much in the way of diecast (bar the lovely Blodia) but the spec of this toy does sound like it might be more diecast heavy. So that too might help in the way of explaining the increased price. In any case, this lovely looking Riobot Anubis will be released in October of this year. Prepare your wallets!


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  1. Slowly phasing out my Revoltechs in favor of these, although the Revo Jehuty is still great figure.

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