Kits: Kotobukiya To Release Xenoblade Chronicles X Skell Model Kits

Looks like Kotobukiya will be making model kits of the Skells from Xenoblade Chronicle X, according to the official Xenoblade Chronicles X website update. It is unknown they will be able to transform into their vehicle modes with ease like their in-game counterparts, but at least we know these lovely kits will be coming in […]

Videos: New Xenoblade Chronicles X Video Showcasing Exploration and Scale

In today’s Nintendo Direct, a new video was released for Xenoblade Chronicles X. Aside from confirming it will be released in 2015, the video showcased the scale and variety of the explorable world of Mira where you can traverse it either by foot or by mecha.┬áIt also provided a bit more background as to why […]

Videos: Xenoblade Chronicles X Gameplay at E3 2014

Last seen this year at an earlier Nintendo Direct and previously known as X, Nintendo has finally given us more information on the upcoming RPG Xenoblade Chronicles X for the Wii U. Delayed until 2015, Nintendo showed off a CG trailer during its E3 Digital Event on Tuesday, June 10, showcasing the game’s story origins […]

Video: New X Gameplay from Nintendo Direct

For those of you waiting for any new information regarding the state of the upcoming Monolith Soft RPG “X” for the Wii U, the recent Nintendo Direct has shown two minutes of brand new gameplay footage. Using an upgraded version of the battle system from Xenoblade, the video shows the playable characters battling monkey-esque creatures […]

Videos: New Trailer Released for Monolithsoft’s Mecha Wii U RPG

At the recent Nintendo E3 Direct, a new trailer was shown for the new Wii U RPG by Monolithsoft, currently dubbed “X”. This new trailer focuses on the mecha featured in the game, called Dolls, and showcased more of their functionality in the game, from different forms of traversal and mecha types. As a spiritual […]