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Videos: New Units Announced For Gundam Versus PS4, Closed Beta GameplayVideos: New Units Announced For Gundam Versus PS4,... In their latest issue, Famitsu has announced some rather expected additions to the upcoming Gundam Versus for the PS4. Returning from the previous Extreme Versus series...

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NEWS: Gundam Versus Closed Beta Scheduled for March, Lottery Ticket Available on JP PSN NowNEWS: Gundam Versus Closed Beta Scheduled for March,... If you're wondering how to get into the upcoming Gundam Versus closed beta, now is the time to check the Japanese PlayStation Network Store! Recently announced on the

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Videos: Gundam Versus Closed Beta Test in March, New Footage From Taipei Games ShowVideos: Gundam Versus Closed Beta Test in March, New... Bandai Namco have announced they'll be holding a closed beta for Gundam Versus in March 2017. It'll be held in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South Korea. While details are...

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Videos: Baund Doc Added to Gundam EXVS Maxi Boost ON RosterVideos: Baund Doc Added to Gundam EXVS Maxi Boost ON... Jerid Messa's final mobile suit from Zeta Gundam returns to the VS series in Gundam EXVS Maxi Boost ON. Last playable in Gundam VS Zeta Gundam, the Baund Doc touts the transformable...

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Videos: First Gundam Versus (PS4) Gameplay Footage, New Mechanics InfoVideos: First Gundam Versus (PS4) Gameplay Footage,... Hot off the presses from the Gundam Games 30th Anniversary stream comes the first gameplay footage from the Gundam Versus alpha test! The game looks functionally like the...

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Reviews: Armored Core Verdict Day (10/10)

Posted on : 10-10-2013 | By : | In : Reviews

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acvd_cover1In the case of Armored Core’s history as a series, each major shift in functionality has met with a follow on title that polishes and improves the original setup. Sometimes these are just general changes but occasionally they coalesce into something truly great. These games have also normally been the best of that era. Titles like Master of Arena and Silent Line for instance marked the pinnacle of the previous two console generations.

Verdict day is a direct continuation of the previous game and utilises much of the same inherent structure, both for the expansive multiplayer but also the campaign. What’s different are all the substantial low level changes as well as all new systems that sit atop them. It’s quite frankly the best mecha game we’ve played this console generation.