Toys: Metal Build Gundam F91 Release Date Revealed


In a new video on the Bandai Metal Build F91 page (also shown below), we have finally been given more details about the upcoming toy. Besides its elegant silhouette, the toy will also have four main points that gives it a distinction from previous Metal Builds. It is the first toy in the range to utilize etched parts, which allow for more detail than its counterparts. In addition, it will also be given the V.S.B.R, a brand new gimmick from the designer Kunio Okawara, which is a metallic rifle that also extends to reveal much more. Up next are the heat-radiating fins, which protrude from the shoulder pads. The final point is that you have the ability to open the face of the F91 (which is my favorite feature of the four, because when was the last time you saw a Gundam without its mask?). The Metal Build F91 will be released April 2017 for the price of 20,520 yen. Until then, I’ll keep you in the loop with any further updates.

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