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News: Wooden Cybuster Statue

Posted on : 27-05-2010 | By : | In : News



To commemorate the release of the updated port for Lord of Elemental, Banpresto commissioned a wooden sculpture (etched via chainsaw no less by a masked chap called Jason-san) of the suitably regal Cybuster. Game Watch has covered this quite nicely and shown the statue from a number of angles. Whilst the finish isn’t overly precise, it does have a rather lovely rustic feel to it. To me at least, that fits the whole Byston Well-eqsue nature of the design. In any case, the game itself is released today in Japan and you can order it here.


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I’ll admit to being somewhat ignorant of the Byston Well saga, but I am definitely surprised to learn that Jason from the Friday the 13th movies was involved in it. What element does Jason get? I’m assuming water, considering his origins at a lake.

Isn’t Byston Well Dubine?

Byston Well is the world where Dunbine, Wings of Rean and Garzey’s Wing are set.

Urgh–I keep getting the two mixed up. I know they’re different, but I confuse their names anyway–I guess scatterbrained mind parses for “underground world with spirit-powered fantasy mecha” and comes up with Byston Well, even if I know Cybuster and Dunbine are two different continuities.

Sorry about that.

I’m going to take a chance and wait for a possible US release of this game.

I’ve heard some conflicting reviews of the remake myself, but I’m saving my money for ACE R and whatever the next SRW game might be. It is possible to get an American release, and if it happens, I’ll likely pick it up.

Is that the same Jason who did the Kannagi sculptures on Niconico Doga?

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