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News: War for Cybertron team at BotCon

Posted on : 29-06-2010 | By : | In : News

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What with this year’s BotCon having finished over the weekend, the peeps over at have uploaded a rather interesting Q&A session with some of the team members who worked on the recently released War for Cybertron. Both Matt Tieger and Aaron Archer talked a fair bit about various aspects of the game but some of the more curious tidbits where the mention of future games that were either to be RPG orientated or even a Twisted Metal-type racer. Bear in mind that these comments were more of the “wishlist” variety and by no means binding, but at the very least it’s a refreshing take and one that does break out of the overtly standardised genre types.

As for the game itself, we’ll be reviewing it very shortly and overall we were very impressed with High Moon’s effort. Considering that the Transformers series often gets a bum deal with games, it’s a great relief to finally play one that doesn’t suck horribly.


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I loved WAR FOR CYBERTRON–rented it and pretty much enjoyed every minute of the game. Is it perfect? No…there are a couple of issues I have with it, such as the controls (they are solid, but at times they can get screwed up) and I do wish that it could have been a bit longer.

However, the game still packs in a great story (for both sides), eye-melting graphics and solid gameplay, and great voice acting, especially with Peter Cullen playing the voice he was born to do, Optimus Prime.

That said, the team at High Moon deserves full praise for making not just a great TRANSFORMERS game (and certainly the best in recent memory) but also a great game, period. I’m waiting to see the MD review!

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