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News: Titanfall Announced

Posted on : 10-06-2013 | By : | In : News, Videos

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Whilst it was leaked recently that Respawn Entertainment were working on a mecha themed FPS, it has now been officially announced. Called Titanfall, it’s a sci-fi FPS set on what appears to be a far off future colony world. On foot combat seems to have parkour and quick boosting elements (so quite interesting) but the mecha look like something else entirely (as shown above). Whilst we did berate Front Mission Evolve’s idiotic standardisation between human and mecha handling, it’s not entirely clear if that’s the case here. That aside, the mecha designs have some nice nods to Yutaka Izubuchi’s and Kow Yokoyama’s work though, which we entirely approve of. Whilst this was premiered along with the Xbox One, apparently there will be a 360 and PC release too. The announcement trailer is linked below.

Oh, and to our readers from Respawn (of which there are a few), “hi!”.


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So far, so good. For some reason reminds me a bit of the first Lost Planet game.

I find it insulting that in the Game informer interview they say
“Mech is kind of a dirty word with us, we don’t like it. These aren’t mechs”

Even though, they fit every known definition of the word mech.

It just makes it sound like they are trying to shun the usual associations with Japanese Mechs and other kinds of Mechs. And that this is some kind of social stigma that is frowned upon(For whatever god damn reason). And so they are trying to call them something else and hope the layman CoD junkie bites.

No offense to them, but it just sounds insulting to the Mech fan when they say things like this.

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