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News: Super Robot Wars OG Infinite Battle Announced

Posted on : 29-08-2013 | By : | In : News, Videos




In a somewhat worrying move, Banpresto have announced Super Robot Wars OG Infinite Battle. This will be an arena based action game in a similar vein to that of Gundam Extreme Versus, except that this won’t be made by Byking. Instead, this is an in-house affair and the last time Banpresto tried to do an arena based action game themselves it didn’t go too well. Following on from this, there will also be a tie-in DLC called Dark Prison for OG2 if you buy Infinite Battle (though this will be released separately at a later date as well). This bundle of gaming joy will be released on November 28th for 7,480 yen and is a PS3 exclusive. If you’re curious to see more, then Famitsu has a nice piece on the game.


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I look forward to pre-order it on Play-Asia, but it’s not there at the moment. The game looks really awesome (HYPED!) and promising as well.
That game you mentioned was released in 1998. That’s like 15 years ago. Surely, Banpresto has learned from its mistakes and will give us a SRW OG action fighting game that’s full of fun and epicness.

Well, Banpresto ruined ACE R with their meddling – so they still don’t understand action games.

Looks pretty bland. Literally everything about it looks bland.

Yeah, I’ll be passing on this. ALL they needed to do was clone Extreme Versus and I would have been sold. Instead we have dumbed-down mechanics and a lot of faffing around with overlong attack animations, which are fine in a strategy game but not so in a fighter.

That’s because the lighting is pretty much non-existent. The peeps at Byking really accentuated their lighting in Gundam Extreme Versus, to the point it was overly stylised. So the game looks a lot more vibrant.

was battle robot damashii any good?

It was okay and much like Artdink’s other PSP mecha games. However, the fixed team setup was very annoying (as in your “lives” were units on your team).

I actually liked that system. It gave it a feeling more like an arcade game, and forced you to conserve resources by saving your strongest mecha for the toughest fights.

I want it. But sadly not for $70+. More like $40.

A lot of SRW OG games get localized and released outside of japan. Please let this be one of them! +_+

It looks like it’s alright, but if it comes out here I’ll preorder and buy day one, and encourage others to do the same. Whenever a arena fighting mecha game comes out over here I’m always all over it to show that the genre will sell (not by myself, ofcourse).

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