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News: Super Robot Wars L OG Mecha Update

Posted on : 29-09-2010 | By : | In : News



Game Watch has some coverage today about the upcoming Super Robot Wars L on the DS. From the partner battle system, that’s rather functionally familiar, to the new OG characters and mecha – the update covers quite a bit. The OG mecha specifically, Rushbird, was the starting unit used in the TGS demo we wrote our impressions on. It’s obviously a design at the super end of the spectrum but it has quite a classic aesthetic to boot, almost Braves-esque. The game is still set for its late November release in Japan.


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Do very much like the looks of this OG mecha.

Its “Rushbird” most likely – see “ド” at the end of the name (ラッシュバード)?

Also, I’d like to suggest saying “Original” instead of OG – as OG specifically refers to the Original Generation series, and from what I know these guys haven’t been introduced in the OG saga just yet. Most Japanese websites and magazines refer to them simply as the “Original” mecha and characters.

But yes the similarity to the Braves mecha is great, its probably a given seeing as the mecha designer worked extensively on the Braves-saga himself as lead mecha animator and what not.

Looks as if Saint Seiya would’ve been a Mecha series – in a very positive sense. Though the similarity with Braves is also striking. Whatever it may be, it looks very nice and elegant!

Burning on! Rushbird! Russbird! Russsshhhbbiirrdd!~~

Oh, and you guys forgot to mention it can absorb attacks and convert them into EN.

Uh…hmm…might wait until this one hits clearance price…

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