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News: Shin Gihren’s Greed Announced

Posted on : 06-07-2011 | By : | In : News



The lesser appreciated Gihren’s Greed series of strategy games will receive another iteration in August on the PSP. Entitled Shin Gihren’s Greed, the game will feature new parts of the UC timeline, such as Gundam Unicorn. For those not versed in the series, the Gihren’s Greed games effectively allow players to rewrite Gundam history based off the decisions and outcomes of various battles. So this means you can have Char pilot a red custom RX-78-2 (which also travels three times as fast, obviously). Due to the various licenses involved, these games have never been officially released abroad so much of the narrative nuance and references are pretty much lost on the foreign fanbase due to the lack of localisation. In any case, you can pre-order the game here.


Comments (5)

Its still in 2D….

It’s on the PSP. 3D wouldn’t work well.

Tell that to just about every other game released on it.

I love this series. I totally suck at it though. I never managed a good ending with the Saturn version, never even finished the DC version.

I’ll get this one for sure, but probably not until its Greatest Hits. These $90 PSP games are murder on my wallet.

This series is really rich in content especially in story compared to other gundam games. Probably i will get this game since i had been interested with it for a while.

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