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News: Messala added to Gundam Extreme Versus

Posted on : 23-08-2011 | By : | In : News, Videos



In an update for Gundam Extreme Versus, scheduled for today no less, a classic Zeta Gundam mobile armor will be added to the ranks of the game. Specifically, the PMX-000 Messala piloted by the wonderfully evil Paptimus Scirocco. Whilst being one of our favourite Kazumi Fujita designs, next to the Tyrant Sword, what’s most misleading about this mobile armor is that at first glance it appears to be a mobile suit. It’s only when you see the scale of it (close to 30 metres) that you realise that this puppy is rather large. In addition, you can also call for assistance in the game which manifests itself in the form of a few RX-110 Gabthley units. For more pictures, 4Gamer has a nice breakdown on the new unit and we’ve included a brief video of the mobile armor in action from the anime below.


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Just announce the console version already.

When is TGS?

I kinda started this group of sorts in hopes to get it localized.Like the page if your interested.

Joined. Thanks bro 🙂

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