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News: Lost Planet E3 Report

Posted on : 10-06-2012 | By : | In : News

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What with this year’s E3 gladly behind us, we now have a few reports to read and taken in. One of these is for Lost Planet 3. Covering the game pretty broadly, it does confirm that the previous mecha nomenclature of “vital suits” has been dropped in favour of “rigs”. Considering the utter lack of imagination shown in the mecha designs (seen above) it’s good to know that same lack of inspiration has also spread to the narrative. Weirdly NEVEC is still present though, which is interesting as this game looks more of a reboot than a sequel. The report talks about the Unreal engine a fair bit too, justifiably espousing its graphical prowess. The sad thing is that the toolset is very comprehensive (from personal experience), yet Spark have chosen to make another generic corridor based shooter. Oh well.


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Having played it at the show I can say it looks nice and plays surprisingly well. That being said, it plays a lot more like Dead Space than it does like Lost Planet. The mech stuff feels more like You’re driving a truck with a crane.

The game is Lost Planet in name only, it could just be called generic 3rd person shooter 23.

Mentioning Dead Space, I hate what EA have done to that series, can someone just make me a cool horror game already.

So, so far it looks very little like Lost Planet 2?
I really really liked Lost Planet 2’s co-op, so if that’s not present…

From the attached image I’m guessing this game requires CGA graphics, a Sound Blaster, and 2MB of free HD space. Am I right?

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