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News: Jehuty Bust for Zone of the Enders HD Collection Release

Posted on : 24-10-2012 | By : | In : News

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As part of the marketing drive for the Zone of the Enders HD Collection released tomorrow in Japan, they’re will be a large bust of Jehuty placed in Akihabara on the Shimura Musen building. If followers of the KojiPro twitter account send the hashtag “#ZOE再起動” (the kanji basically says “restart” in case you’re at all curious) attached to photos of the bust they’ll be in with a chance of having a ZOE poster signed by Yoji Shinkawa.

Whilst we get why all this promotion is kicking off, the ZOE games were never all that popular when they were released on the (far more widespread) PS2. So all this feels very odd. We’ll be posting our review of the HD edition when we’ve given it a good playthrough over the next week or so.


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Impressions of Japanese players, as well as direct video comparisons, strongly suggest that the HD versions have a terrible frame rate and tons of slowdown compared to the PS2 originals.

For shame, High Voltage Software. At least this is the first time the special edition revision of Anubis will be available outside Japan.

Their last game was The Conduit which wasn’t exactly a shining example of quality.

The Special Edition of Anubis was also released in Europe.

Further analysis shows that the PS3 version runs 10 fewer frames a second on average compared to the 360 one:

Both versions run at a slower framerate compared to the original PS2 games.

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