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Videos: Gundam Versus Closed Beta Test in March, New Footage From Taipei Games ShowVideos: Gundam Versus Closed Beta Test in March, New... Bandai Namco have announced they'll be holding a closed beta for Gundam Versus in March 2017. It'll be held in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South Korea. While details are...

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Videos: Baund Doc Added to Gundam EXVS Maxi Boost ON RosterVideos: Baund Doc Added to Gundam EXVS Maxi Boost ON... Jerid Messa's final mobile suit from Zeta Gundam returns to the VS series in Gundam EXVS Maxi Boost ON. Last playable in Gundam VS Zeta Gundam, the Baund Doc touts the transformable...

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Videos: First Gundam Versus (PS4) Gameplay Footage, New Mechanics InfoVideos: First Gundam Versus (PS4) Gameplay Footage,... Hot off the presses from the Gundam Games 30th Anniversary stream comes the first gameplay footage from the Gundam Versus alpha test! The game looks functionally like the...

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News: New Gundam Versus Alpha Test Gameplay Mechanics Info and ScreenshotsNews: New Gundam Versus Alpha Test Gameplay Mechanics... The full report on the Gundam Versus Alpha test has finally been published over at 4gamer, giving us a better picture on what to expect from the latest game in the VS series. We...

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News: Heavy Gear Assault is now available on Steam

Posted on : 19-12-2016 | By : | In : News, Videos



After four years or so, Heavy Gear Assault has finally made its way to Steam. This is an Unreal Engine 4 reboot of sorts and is multiplayer only. The game itself has had a troubled history, as its crowdfunding campaign imploded and it sounds like the financial situation since has been sketchy at best. The bad news in all this is that this is not a proper final release of the game but instead an early access beta. I can understand why they have done this from a cashflow sense but these kinds of early releases tend to backfire pretty badly. In any case, we have a new Heavy Gear game to sort of play, so there’s that at least. If you want to play Heavy Gear Assault you will need to first register an account and then purchase one of the starter packs.

Update: Turns out the game is stuck in limbo until Valve get around to approving it.

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