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News: Gundam The Origin Anime Announced

Posted on : 06-07-2011 | By : | In : News


Apologies for the lack of updates as of late. In any case, along with Level 5’s Gundam AGE on the way it seems that the Gundam The Origin manga penned by the artistic luminary that is Yoshikazu Yasuhiko will also be animated. The Origin manga is an interesting choice as it’s not overly popular in Japan (compared to the Crossbone Gundam manga) but it does fill a fan based desire when it comes to re-animating the original series and movies. Narratively, The Origin deviates from the original series in lots of interesting ways and the designs themselves are a bit different too. Whilst the gaming connection with this new project isn’t as overt as with Level 5’s Gundam AGE, we’re already seeing new merchandising rear its very pretty head so gaming won’t be far behind.


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Oh my god. Yes.



There are others good manga gundam to adapt (origin is already an adaptation) but, oh well, it’s still a very good news, UC pawa!!!

Y’know, if they ever decide to stop doing UC timeline stuff, I hope they close it with Sentinel. Or, y’know. Sentinel. Just Sentinel. That is all.

As much as I love Sentinel, the shit is just way too complex to animate by hand. Therefore the mecha would have to be CG and…seriously, screw that.

Does anyone know if the Origin mecha will be CG? I seriously hope not. The only CG mecha show I’ve ever liked was Macross Frontier, and that was only because the rest of the show could pick up the slack.

Touche’, pussy cat.

I too hope it’s not CG!

(it makes me think about votoms, CG AT in pailsen files, not bad but something’s wrong, in Case Irvine it’s 2d and way better!)

Well this is far better news than another Ghiren’s Greed re-hash.

And with this news AGE is already dead to me 😀

As for Sentinel I’d love to see that too, one for the future I think.

All I’d need is to hear Tekkaman Blade is getting reanimated and I think I’d be in anime heaven.

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