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News: Gundam Gaiden Missing Link Announced

Posted on : 22-01-2014 | By : | In : News




After a recent hint in Famitsu we now have an outright announcement, that of a new Gundam Gaiden game called Missing Link. This will be third person PS3 game with emphasis on customisation and wingman control. The latter will also be pretty close to that of Zeonic Front, as you can hot-swap between your wingmen. The really interesting stuff though is that the RX-78XX Gundam Pixie has been mentioned. This came from really the first ever Gundam Gaiden game there is, Cross Dimension 0079. Not only did it feature a badass MS-08TX Efreet but it also had character designs by Toshihiro Kawamoto. If all this sounds familiar, well much of these elements have resurfaced across multiple gaiden games over the years. To further cheer you up, Masahiko Tokushima (of former White Dingo Team fame) will be helming this new game. Admittedly this will be developed by “B.B. Studio” but all that really means is that some of the Bandai developer legion will be assigned to this project. Trying to judge whether it will be be bobbins based off the studio in this case is somewhat moot, as Bandai have a lot of crossover internally and a distinct studio structure doesn’t really exist. Anyway, the more we find out about Missing Link then we’ll be sure to post about it.


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Nice. I hope they go for a more stable polished experience than Gundam Battle Operation, though.

I really hope there’ll be excellent online play, Gundam SENKI did really well on that front.

It’s going to be 3rd person 🙁 I would’ve rather had it they go back to the cockpit simulation style of side-story 0079 on the DC. But alas, guess that’s not popular. Ah well. I’ve had allot of fun with B.B Studio’s Gundam BO so I’m sure this will at least be as entertaining if not better.

I just hope they won’t have the gimmicky weapons charging part.
I dislike how that became the meta-game of 0081 if you were playing it competitively.

Interesting choice going with the PS3 though, you’d think they’d need more Japanese-centric content to ship those PS4’s when they hit there.

There is a Gundam PS4 title in development as well.

Not so much in development as much as Bamco made a teaser and showed us.

I highly doubt the cobbled together a trailer and said “Ok, now that’s done, let’s do something else completely unrelated to this”

It was a generic RX-78-2 model that got up and it said “Mobile Suit Gundam”. It’s not a trailer at any rate. There’s not even a real “game” announcement. Especially when they’ve got 3/4 console usual gundam game genres covered: new 3rd person shooter, new fighter, new musou (but no new SRPG yet). All for PS3 I might add. It’ll be quite a bit until we see PS4 games by Bamco Nandai.

It’s listed as a PS4 game in the trailer and multiple sources have said it’s a proper announcement including this site (you didn’t argue it wasn’t in development there). If you want to believe otherwise that’s your business but it doesn’t make any sense to come to a press conference for a new console and say “Hey, here’s a trailer to let you know we’ll be making games for this console eventually. Not now of course, that would be the sane thing to do but we won’t”

But that is LITERALLY what it is. Namco Bandai said there’d be a SRW for 3DS, in between the release of that SRW there were 2 PSP SRW games, one PS3 and 2-3 YEARS. I’m not saying it’s not gonna happen, I’m just saying it sure as hell ain’t happening in february (or MAYBE even 2014), you know?

It was an “announcement” as much as any teaser is an announcement. When the game has a proper title, screenshots, anything then it’s an announcement.

I really want it to have space ships in battles :>

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