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News: Gundam Extreme Versus Full Boost DLC Update

Posted on : 09-04-2014 | By : | In : News



zaku has recently released news on next two units coming to Gundam Extreme Versus Full Boost for the PS3. They are Cucuruz Doan’s Zaku II (1000 cost) and Anavel Gato’s Gelgoog (2000 cost). Doan’s Zaku II, from the Doan’s Island episode of Mobile Suit Gundam, is one of the genuinely “new” additions to the roster as it is neither a pilot swap or reshuffled suit, similar to the GNXIII. True to the episode it hails from, Doan’s Zaku II fights throwing rocks and using mobile suit martial arts with Amuro’s core fighter assist. Gato’s Gelgoog, from the beginning of Stardust Memory, differs from Char’s Gelgoog by having a single shot charge shot attack, a Rick Dom assist instead of Lalah’s Elmeth, and a halberd throw. Each of these units will cost 381 yen before tax. Here’s to hoping we see more DLC down the line after this bunch is released, preferably brand new units this time!


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It’s really big dissapointment , since new MAXI game gets better and better new suits and we are being feed by some ,,strange” additions …. even not for free.

Don’t like to Bandai- bash , but yes the new policy for Full Boost is to issue B-list DLC suits and re-skins and keep the truly innovative stuff for the new arcade , my copy is about to arrive , but way things are I wont be spending $ on Yen PSN codes this time , except maybe the GNX -III

GNX-III really so far best unit , at least original. Btw , do you think bandai will release more good DLC?

Eventually, yeah. Much of the problem is that there aren’t enough new units in Maxi Boost yet. Give it a few months though.

I can give a whole year , as much and long if bandai haven’t sentenced this project after starting MAXI.

Well more than a year after EX VS was out , Bandai released 4 new DLCs, Astray Gold Frame Gundam Xi ,and the Gp03 were among them , so anything can happen .

That’s the only hope , so far best DLC was on previous title.

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