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News: Gundam Battle Operation Pricing Details Outlined

Posted on : 17-06-2012 | By : | In : News



We now finally have details on Gundam Battle Operation’s freemium setup. It seems that the main form of game currency are units of energy. Each unit amounts to one play and you earn one unit every two hours (amounting to a total of 12 a day). The monetisation part starts when you run out of units, as this is where you can buy more (rather than having to wait for them to recharge). The current pricing will be is 100 yen per one piece of energy, followed by bulk purchases at 6 units for 480 yen, 13 units for 950 yen and 27 units for 1,850 yen. There will also be a campaign where units will be doubled from the game’s releases on June 28th to July 11th. Whilst the mobile suits are pretty much free, sadly you can power up your suit and weapons for a small fee. The latter sounds pretty dumb and falls into the tragically common freemium approach. That aside, the game has also received over 100,000 registrations already. So at least when the game’s released it should have a good head start in terms of the online community.


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So, let me see if I get this right, each day one unit of energy equals 1 Gameplay , then 2 hours later another is earned , so basically they are keeping the server population down for people who play too much and crowd out the servers, UNLESS , they buy more energy units? Is that the idea of doing this?

Usually freemium doesn’t suck THIS much ass.
I’m seeing pay2play (but not really) schemes here and pay2win (yeah, really) scheme there.

And effectively playing 3*8 minutes per 6 hours. Because you are correct about 12 per day, but you can only hold 3 at a time!

And priced at 1 unit per 100 yen, it pretty much is an arcade game that you can play at home.

Hrm… Okay, I am slightly disappointed by this scheme. However I still probably will play it, I just won’t be able to have 8 hour binge sessions like I do now with 0081. About how long does the average match on this last? Does anyone know or… has the time per match have yet to be announced?

8 minutes per matches as reported by Andriasang whose source is 4gamer.

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