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News: Gigantomakhia alpha test

Posted on : 29-08-2011 | By : | In : News



A new MMO mecha game by Gamepot, entitled Gigantomakhia, will be starting its alpha testing as of today. It’s being touted as an MMO FPS/action game, with what looks like customisable mecha as well as on foot sections for the pilots. This sounds awfully similar to the unfortunate Gundam Online that was eventually canned. If that bombed with such a huge license attached to it, Gigantomakhia will clearly have its work cut out for it. Apparently the game won’t run on PC’s using Windows XP and needs DirectX 10 compatible graphics card. The screenshots at least look nice though.


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Not having a licence tied to it may undermine Gigantomakhia’s marketing efforts, but it’ll be better for its budget and potential portability to the west (thaz where ze PC market moneyz are, yo!)

However, the high system requirements ARE a problem. And the XP market share is still very high — just ask WoW.

I have a DX10 compatible card, but am running XP. Go figure.

Way to segregate your market Game(s)pot.

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