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News: Front Mission Evolved TGS Teaser PV

Posted on : 15-09-2009 | By : | In : News, Videos

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What with this years’ Tokyo Game Show around the corner, the Japanese games industry marketing machine is going into overdrive. The upcoming Front Mission Evolved, being developed by Double Helix, has been given another trailer. Unlike the first, this teaser is predominantly CG footage and not in-game (which is a bit of a shame really). That said, the wanzers have been recreated faithfully enough it seems so there’s at least that aspect to be thankful for.


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It breaks my heart that this is not turn based.

We have Armored Core and the like for fast paced mecha blasting…Front Mission was the last sanctuary for turn based mech lovers like me.

Think I might go and weep for a while 🙁

Wasn’t sure it would be proper policy to edit a someone else’s news post, but it’s worth mentioning that Front Mission Evolved is being listed as being at TGS in playable form–so instead of vague trailers, we’ll soon be able to see the game in action. Let’s hope it gets a better response from Front Mission fans than Double Helix’s Silent Hill: Homecoming got from Silent Hill fans.

It’s cool to see the FM series going the action route. Since it has giant stompy robots in it, this was probably inevitable.

But I keep hearing that they are actually abadoning the tactics style gameplay entirely and if that is true, it is really unfortunate.

Only 8 days till it gets a UK release.


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