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News: Front Mission Evolved Review Status

Posted on : 19-10-2010 | By : | In : News

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We will be reviewing the recently released Front Mission Evolved but we’ve been somewhat delayed with other things recently, which is why the review has been late in coming. In the meantime, enjoy the picture above (courtesy of Persona) where Chirico Cuvie is displaying the same kind of feelings we have towards the game (something that shouldn’t be too surprising if you’ve read our impressions from TGS).


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One word–Ouch!

Once again, the old saying is true–a picture is worth a thousand words….

I am at a loss here. Though I’d hardly argue that the game is GREAT or perfect I don’t think it’s that bad. My main problem with it is mostly the parts menu. Maybe it gets really bad towards the end I am about 2/3rds through now. I’ve enjoyed parts and hated others, it’s not the worst game I’ve played… yet…

Chirico knows what’s up.
For the money you are much better off picking up Vanquish.
FME wasn’t *that* bad -in a circle strafe, health pick up kind of way it was just a huge let down for that franchise.

Oh I agree it’s a HORRIBLE Front Mission game but I like it as a 3rd person shooter. Again “Great”? No, “okay”… So far, sure. It is a major failure for a Front Mission game in that it’s a generic 3rd person shooter and loses all the strategy. Story is weak too. I would have loved to have seen Double Helix take the 3rd person formula and turn based RPG elements of a game like Valkyria Chronicles and attempt something like that here. I miss the Strategy RPG parts a lot. I’ve played all of the FM games and I lament that being gone. However, I am a sucker for Giant Robots, so…

I don’t care about Front Mission, but Chirico pissing on things is great.

Yeah, if this whole “mecha games blog” thing doesn’t work out, we’ve got an entirely different website idea that plays to an entirely different kind of interest. This is just a sneak peak of that really.

AUGH! This game! This F***ing game!

I’ll wait for the full review to rant about this buggy beast.

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