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News: Cyberbots on PSN

Posted on : 15-09-2011 | By : | In : News

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The classic Capcom mecha based2D beat-em-up Cyberbots has finally hit the PlayStation Network yesterday in the game archives, at the very reasonable sum of $5.99. This then is the PSone version, though it can also be run on your PSP to along with your PS3. This game was the pseudo follow on to Armored Warriors and in turn fed into Kikaioh, the latter even had the Blodia II from Cyberbots as an unlockable unit within the game. We have lots of fond memories for Cyberbots and to have it on PSN is nice, though as yet whilst it is available in North America there is no news of a European (PAL) release.


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Technomancer / Kikaioh is one of the last great Dreamcast games that you really can’t play anywhere else. It’s a shame that Capcom never ported it to PS2/PSP

They’ll probably end up putting it on the 360. A practice I really hate.

This should be on XBL, though it was probably as simple as hell to remove the region restriction, just like Radiant Silvergun should be on PSN.

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