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News: Border Break Update

Posted on : 14-06-2010 | By : | In : News, Videos



We meant to cover this a good while back but lots of new games have been kicking off, so it got lost amongst that. In any case, the wondrous Border Break has been receiving numerous updates via the channel, showing off the new blast runners as well as the new maps. What’s most striking in the video below is how much faster the game has become since we reviewed it. Whilst we greatly enjoyed the slower pacing before the Ver 1.5 update, as it made matches feel very tactical, it seems that this speed increase is something that’s quite short range and localised. As such we’re inclined to think that this development is actually a positive one, as it’s merging both the tactics that occur at range and a more instinctive approach to closer range combat.


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This is starting to strike me as a very Japanese take on Team Fortress 2.

It’s closer to Battlefield really, not only in terms of the spawn point setup but also how the mecha handle – as they’re extended vehicles of a kind.

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