News: Bandai Namco To Sponsor Gundam Versus Tournament At EVO 2017

As we get closer to the Japanese release of Gundam Versus on July 6, Bandai Namco have announced they’ll be sponsoring an official Gundam Versus side tournament with AnimEVO at EVO 2017. As you may know, Gundam Versus is set to launch in North American and European territories later this fall. What better way to expand into the community than at the biggest fighting game tournament! There have been EXVS Full Boost side tournaments the last couple of years thanks to Brett Young and the rest of the AnimEVO crew. But now with his help in partnering with Bandai Namco for Gundam Versus, there will hopefully be more of a spotlight on some of the great western players in a brand new game. EVO2017 runs from July 14 – 16, so stay tuned for some high level play!


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