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News: Armored Core Verdict Day Season Resets

Posted on : 11-03-2013 | By : | In : News

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Some nice juicy news for Armored Core Verdict Day has surfaced today. The main point of good news is that the game world will be reset at the end of each game season (or if one team dominates all areas, effectively winning that season). The season resets will also have each group revert back to their starting positions, so no one group will have the advantage over the other. This is a big improvement over the previous game and harks back to how the various factions in Chrome Hounds were handled. Following on from that there will also now be a total of 56 maps in Verdict Day. This naturally includes the levels from the previous game (though we imagine they’ll be tweaked) but this is quite a big jump up in terms of playable areas. Hopefully these won’t be night and day versions of the same map, as that would be a bit bloody cheeky really. Finally players that relegated to jetpack status during a match will be able to take photos. These will be stored in the player’s garage and propagated through the game’s status updates. Whether this feature will work with the (Japanese) Armored Core Official Partnership site remains to be seen but it would be pretty great if that were the case.


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Sounds like they’re really channeling ChromeHounds this time.

I cant hardly wait! Big fan of Number 5! Lets hope for new AC parts and such. maybe even new UW!!!

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