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News: Armored Core Verdict Day Screenshots and International Release Details

Posted on : 25-02-2013 | By : | In : News

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Following on from the announcement last week, we now have some new screenshots for Armored Core Verdict Day over at 4Gamer. In addition, it’s been revealed that the game will be released internationally this year as well. Currently there are no dates for the international releases, bar “Fall 2013” on the US site, though some places have stated the game will be released this summer. If true that would pre-date the Japanese release and be the first game in the series to do so. All that aside, the new parts and updated operator maps look nice and it seems we’ll also be getting some form of solid shields this time around too. The big thing for us though is that the game should use merged dedicated servers, rather than the regionally locked nonsense we have now. This is simply because there aren’t enough players outside of Japan to make the setup work properly. Admittedly From Software could ratchet back on the design in terms of the online setup but that would be shame, especially when having a global solution would fix the issues we have now. In short, this is in Namco Bandai’s court again and here’s hoping they don’t fuck it up…again.


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Where did it say the servers would be merged?

I can see how you could read it that way, I updated the text accordingly to make it clearer. There’s no word on whether they’ll merge the servers for ACVD.


PLEASE be better than ACV.

ACV was fucking great!

That it was, but only if you were in Japan. The addition of AI teammates makes me a lot more confident in this game, though. Even if the Western online component is a total fuckup again, I can get a decent offline approximation of it. Soul Sacrifice on the Vita is doing the same thing.

I had fun on the EU servers but it was definitely quieter than the Japanese ones.

ACV had a lot of things that I liked, but endless waiting around for opponents and getting killed in seconds because I had the wrong armor type or because of overpowered weapons were not among them. There are some changes that need to be made.

You said it, The game has it’s good points, but trying to get a fight was a waiting game, usually.

Hopefully that much changes, V-Day so far it looks like the different regions will be warring with one another, which has some potential.

I wish AC would burrow more DarkSouls concept, especially for multi player.

I never understood what made AC online play so special. From what I’ve heard its one group of people using cookie cutter designs while a second group fiercely tries to stay independent from them.

That’s always been a very weird Western (predominantly US) thing with the AC games; that playing with arbitrary restrictions means you’re a better player.

I think it’s a feeling of: if you’re going to play a game focusing on customization and personalization, why use the same damn thing everyone else is using?

Looks like stress tests are about to commence.

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