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News: Armored Core V Mercenary System

Posted on : 06-04-2011 | By : | In : News

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In the latest edition of Famitsu, Armored Core V’s new Mercenary System has been partially outlined. In that teams lacking in members can pay other players to help build up their ranks. No word on how the pricing works as yet, but the whole soldier of fortune vibe does chime in with series’ history very nicely (as that’s effectively what Ravens were anyway). Team members can also moonlight as mercenaries too apparently.

Separately, it’s been also revealed that the story mode will be much more substantial than previous games. As many of the core game missions will be around 20 to 60 minutes in length, as well as featuring multiple dramatic cutscenes. These will be playable via online co-op too. In addition there will also be shorter “order” missions available, that sound more akin to a beefed up arena but with a mission based context. The latter total up to around 70 missions in all.

Finally, there’s also a new Dengeki Online interview with the game’s and series’ producer Toshifumi Nabeshima. We’ll try and condense the salient points over the next few days.

Update: 4Gamer has a selection of new screenshots as well. Showing more of what appears to be the new HUD as well as various laser blade concept art (some of which look decidedly chainsaw-esque).


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Very nice info there, this mercenary mode sounds really nice, a features that will really add to the game vibe, specially if you can do during the course of the mission, imagine that

maybe you could bribe the enemy team mercenary to join your side during the course of the mission, who knows

Glad to know that story mode will not be just short mission, just hope there are not only 10 missions that last for a hour each, that hour being only repetive combat.

it seems this has the potencial to be a really great game, but i guess only when it comes out will we be able to say that for sure, can’t wait

This is sounding more and more incredible every time I hear about it. I do hope that the longer single-player campaign missions have more checkpoints. 60 minute missions are cool, but having to do it all in one shot and restarting from the beginning if you fail will kill a good chunk of my enthusiasm for that mode.

S’why you hire mercs. They get killed, you complete the mission. They don’t get killed, you still complete the mission, but with a bit less cash.

That link didn’t take me to famitsu… So here is what I found. Hope its what you meant.

I’m liking that I definately can see three different light/medium humanoid legs. 🙂 First pick has one, and the sixth pic has those two taking on the tank.

The link wasn’t present in the post because the news came from the print version of Famitsu (not the site). I’ve updated the post with the Famitsu website link though.

I have yet to hear anything I don’t like. Smaller mechs are good, bigger game area good, a mix of Chromehounds and Armored Core GOOD, a longer mission structure like the older games AWESOME, persistent online battlefield, co-op play, ALL GOOD!

I’m liking the paint job on the red mech.

Thanks for the heads up.

I’m going to miss the mobility of AC4/ACFA.

It doesn’t really make sense to remove it entirely. There should be a consequence for it, to add to the tactical element, but I feel AC5’s just going to become the Black Ops of mecha games.

I mean really: a mecha has far more in common with a fighter-jet or an attach helicopter than any kind of tank. The only reason you’d ever want legs over treads is to alter balance rapidly and to absorb hard landings (which are both aerial tasks).

If Mecha did exist, they’d pop over hills, take pot-shots then drop back into cover. Their maneuverability would be what saved them, not layers of thick armor (which become laughable when you have weak and exposed joints that can be sniped off: you are only ever as strong as your weakest component and with a machine this complex, evasion should come before attrition of fire).

You’re assuming that the mechs could jump to begin with.

Different strokes for different folks. I’d think that since this game is primarily driven by urban combat, a mini tank approach is the most rational direction to go. Especially when the point of the online presence is to take ground and hold it.

We call that last bit poptarting in MW4: Mercenaries.

So happy they made that free

I’ll do you one better. Mechstorm just released a new version of their high-def patch for it which is compatible with the latest version of the game. You can get it here.

I agree with you I will miss that speed too. However, I like the the idea of the slower pace like in the older AC’s. I like the increased mission time as well. Also, yes, AC4 and 4A were more like fighter jets, if you played Steel Battalion or FROM’s own Chromehounds or the older Gun Griffon games you know there is space for the more tank like mech as well. I think a slower team and tactical pace with these mech types could be amazing.

It may not be as fast a AC:4A, but I doubt it will be particularly slow.

Well, it looks you wont miss that speed too much

It seems that ACs will have a pretty good mobility. Also, here is our loved flaming chainsaw 😀

I love the mobility in For Answer, but it’s partly my love for For Answer that makes me happy that Armored Core V isn’t going to be For Answer 2. A franchise needs to reinvent itself every few years. And if that means that the fanbase will cling to a certain time period where the series was “truly great”, then that itself is also positive–the fact that you have enough vitality in a concept for a series that can support something like Silent Line, For Answer, and now V all under the same umbrella means the underlying concept is strong. I wouldn’t mind going back to some of those concepts again, but neither do I want to play the same game for the rest of my life.

Reading through some Battletech novels lately made me realize how much From’s Chromehounds did what a lot of the Mechwarrior games tried to do–made individual mecha setups really matter, and make a large battle that was more than just the same dogfights but with more dogs. I see Armored Core V, then, as taking the mobility and general flash of Armored Core to that kind of tactical battlefield, a battlefield where you need to scout out the enemy, take objectives, and focus on more than just concentrating your firepower.

Another preview with new screenshots including one showing an actual gameplay screenshot.The UI is surprisingly minimalist.Also,Laser Blades are infact back.

If you guys have fb I would definitely suggest liking the official page for AC V.. They seem to be keeping up with info having posted all these links and more

We’ve already linked to the official FB page in the past and follow it pretty much daily.

Remember that picture where no one could tell what the AC was doing,I think its actually wielding a cannon type Overed Weapon. If you look at the screenshot from 4Gamer you can barely see its right hand clutching the massive cannon and you can also see the generator mounted on its back.

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