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News: Armored Core V Classic Character as Com DLC

Posted on : 17-08-2012 | By : | In : News

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Over the next few days, there will be a vote from fans on adding their favourite classic Armored Core character as a new Com voice in Armored Core V. The voting will start on the 21st and finish on the 27th. After that the character will be announced and a DLC pack will follow. As for the latter, there’s no news on how much it will cost players. Anyway, this is a nice touch and we’re all for having Stinger (as voiced by our favourite Sho Hayami). Though we also have a lot of love for Nobuyuki Hiyama’s portrayal of Hustler One (the pilot of Nineball) in Master of Arena. After that, most of the characters from Nexus and Last Raven do stand out quite a bit too.


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Hiyama voiced H1?
Either way it’s a cool idea that we in the states certainly won’t get.

Yep, only for Master of Arena though. The original Hustler One in the first game was someone else entirely (as it was meant to be entirely computer generated in the story). Hiyama was chosen to show that the AI had managed to partially “fake” human voice by the events shown in Master of Arena.

For an english version, I’d probably vote for either Sumika (ACPP) or Zinaida (Last Raven). There are a lot of other fun choices, though, like Leos Klein or Sumika (AC4/ACFA)

English Stinger was less impressive, although he was voiced by the man who went on to voice Ghostface in Scream. Interesting resume.

You cannot HOPE to defeat STINGEEEEER!

I love how deliciously bad Stinger’s script and acting are in the english version. His death speech is one of the ages.

I guess this DLC will be only for Japan…

Crispin Freeman voiced Unseel in AC4, I’d take that.

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