Videos: New Trailer Released for Monolithsoft’s Mecha Wii U RPG

At the recent Nintendo E3 Direct, a new trailer was shown for the new Wii U RPG by Monolithsoft, currently dubbed “X”. This new trailer focuses on the mecha featured in the game, called Dolls, and showcased more of their functionality in the game, from different forms of traversal and mecha types. As a spiritual […]

News: Strike Vector Announced

A small team of indie developers have crafted something pretty damn cool via the Unreal engine. Called Strike Vector, it utilises semi-transforming craft in a multiplayer dog-fighting environment. So mixing straight flight and lateral movement (basically a plane crossed with a helicopter – something that’s quite commonplace with the mecha in shows like Macross for […]

News: Armored Core Verdict Day Third Livestream Announced

The third livestream for Armored Core Verdict Day will be happening on the 21st June (you’ll be able to watch it here). The previous livestream is also online here if you want to watch it. From what we’ve been seeing it seems that the game is going to be very good indeed. In addition, there […]

Video: Crossbone Gundam Fanmade Animation

A YouTube user by the name of wipp er has uploaded an impressive fanmade anime intro for Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam. Written by Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino and drawn by Yuichi Hasegawa, the Crossbone Gundam manga series spans several series (Crossbone Gundam, Skull Heart, Steel Seven and Ghost) and is a direct sequel to Gundam […]

News: Armored Core Verdict Day Second Livestream Announced

The second livestream for Armored Core Verdict Day will be happening on the 17th May (you’ll be able to watch it here). The main point of discussion will be about the new UNAC system, which is the new AI setup that harks back to earlier Armored Core games and allows AI wing-mates to help you […]

News: Masou Kishin III Pride of Justice Announced

Bandai Namco have announced the third entry into the Masou Kishin series with a new promo for Pride of Justice (shown below). The game will be released on both PS3 and Vita and seems to be using the same engine used on OG3. What’s unknown at this point is whether winkysoft will be developing this, […]

News: Armored Core Verdict Day Beta Test Footage and UNAC

Someone nice has uploaded beta test footage from Armored Core Verdict Day (shown below) and it looks pretty great. The new scan initiation looks cool and the whole game runs smoother too. We’re not sure on the size of the maps but the one in the video looks pretty expansive and varied. Obviously, the music […]

Videos: Super Robot Wars Operation Extend First Promo

We now have the first promo for Super Robot Wars Operation Extend. It shows off the 3D and 2D battle animations nicely, with much of the 2D art indeed being for the characters. That said, some of the 3D animations have some 2D flourishes for good measure and whilst this is re-purposed from the GC […]