News: Silent Line Portable now has data install option

In a recent update to the official Silent Line Portable site, a new data install option was disclosed. This is especially good news for anyone who bought the previous Armored Core 3 Portable, as it spent half the time reading game data straight from the UMD (rather than caching it like it did on the […]

News: TwinStick EX prototype in the flesh

The hugely expensive HORI TwinStick EX for Oratan 5.66 has been prototyped for the team at SEGA (in Japan). The cheerful column over at the official game blog has a few up close action shots of the peripheral. The release is still slated for around November/December for those that were brave enough to pre-order it.

News: Gundam vs Gundam NEXT coming to PS3

The successful Capcom Gundam arcade games are finally getting a decent console port for this generation, in the form of Gundam vs Gundam NEXT. The last iteration of Gundam vs Gundam got an admittedly quite competent PSP port but it lacked online multiplayer and it had a few minor performance issues in AdHoc versus. The […]

News: Yoshiyuki Tomino weighs in on games

At the recent CEDEC conference venerable anime director and writer Yoshiyuki Tomino weighed in on the state of games. Now, Tomino is all about the context of his statements and whilst he proclaimed games to be “evil” this was wholly meant in relation to a game’s creative worth. In that, without the creative quality to […]

News: MechWarrior reboot in licensing blunder

Back in the 80’s when the early iterations of Battledroids (then later Battletech) surfaced, many of the designs had been not very surreptitiously lifted from various anime shows. Notably that of Dougram and Macross. FASA were suitably sued for their troubles. That said, over the years FASA did their best to throw several olive branches […]